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Standard Package - How does it work? 

There are 3 easy steps to get your professional hotel website up and running.



Step 1 - Select website address, website design & e-mail address  


Website address

When you purchase the Standard Package you select your own website address with the extension or If your hotel name is for example Fine Hotel you could choose the website address In addition you can use your already existing website address with the Hotel-Lobby solution at no extra cost.  Click here to see how to use your already existing website address with the Hotel-Lobby solution.  




Website Design

Select a professional website design from our library of dedicated hotel website designs. You can choose between designs from 5 hotel categories: Beach, City, Country, Skiing and Facilities. The hotel website designs incorporate stunning graphics with great colours. You can easily swap your chosen design to another design or customise your chosen design later on. View Designs.


E-mail address

Your hotel website includes a Contact Form and a Reservation Form for your website visitors to use if they want to book a room on your hotel website. This also means that you do not need to put your e-mail address on your website and you can avoid spammers using your e-mail address to send unsolicited e-mails. 

Within 24 hours of purchasing your hotel website we will set up your hotel website with example descriptions and photos ready for you to replace with your own descriptions and photos. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a login and password that allows you to administrate your hotel website.


Step 2 - Login

Login via your internet browser to the administration pages for your hotel website The login procedure is very easy. Simply open your hotel website address followed by "/webadmin/". For example, if your website address is you must use the address Enter the login and password we have e-mailed to you in the Login screen and you will have access to full administration of your hotel website.



Step 3 - Add your hotel descriptions & photos


Your hotel website will include a menu with 8 standard pages, which clearly communicate the essential hotel information that your website visitors and potential guests will need. The 8 pages include a welcome page, a rooms description page, a facilities page, a rates page, a location page, a contact us page, a reservations page and a special offers page. To see an example of a website with the menu and the 8 standard pages with descriptions click here.


Your hotel website will also by default contain descriptions for a fictitious hotel. To create your own hotel website simply replace the content for the fictitious hotel with your own content. Click here to see the  content that will need to be replaced. When replacing the content you have full freedom in adding text, photos and links. While you are adding your content you can easily preview your website.  


If you need to update your content you can do so at any time via your web browser and your website administration pages at no extra cost.


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